Championnat Régional du Québec • 2018 • Quebec Regional Championship

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Judge’s Spotlight  •  Profil du Juge

Edgar Pertl

Birthday: 02.11.1958

Familiy status: married, two grown up children

Professional carriere: elementary teacher and owner of a boarding kennels

Member of SV since 1969

Member of SVÖ for more than 40 years

SVÖ – Trial judge since 1994

SV – Trial judge since 2000

SVÖ – Show judge since 2007

SV – Show judge since 2010

Judge for breed sourvey since 2010

In 1968 my father started breeding German Shepherds under the affix
“vom Haus Willerau”. I took over the kennel in the mid-90s and had about 30 litters since that time.
In my youth I worked as helper in different tournaments, at Siegerschau, championships and breeding survays.
I own seven dogs and train them by myself. I enter different competitions and small tournaments every year. Several times I took part in the universal winner. With my oldest male dog I entered the IPO3 18 times.

My aim is to breed healthy and anatomically correctly established dogs which are eager to work.
In 1997 I became chairman of the OG Oberwart (Burgenland) – a local club of SVÖ with about 90 members.
From 2007 to 2013 I was a member of the federal board of the SVÖ in the function of the vice-Breed Warden.
Since March 2018  I`m the Breed Warden of Austria.

Edgar Pertl

Proud member of the GSSCC!


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